The vineyards of Tenute Silvio Nardi extend east and west of Montalcino in a primarily hilly area that ranges between a height of 140 metres and  480 metres above sea level.

The surface area are divided into thirty six vineyards sub-divided into three different estates situated in three main areas: in Casale del Bosco – the heart of the company – to the west; and in  Manachiara and Colombaiolo, both to the east of Montalcino at 375 m above sea level.

Sangiovese  is the estate’s tradition and has been planted on almost all of the estate’s lands although in 8 of the 80 hectares owned different varieties can be found, from the most traditional like Colorino to international ones like MerlotSyrah and Petit Verdot. 

The average age of the vineyards is 20 years, and in 1997 a replanting plan was initiated, placing great attention on the variegated mosaic of terroirs that are capable of expressing a variety of nuances.

More specifically, the oldest vineyards have a density of approximately 2,200 plants per hectare, while the new vineyards have a density of approximately 5,200 vines per hectare. The spurred cordon training system is used with 6/8 buds per plant.


The soils are generally composed of clayey substrates with sandy and muddy intercalations.
On the terraces near Casale del Bosco, which are probably of fluvial and tectonic origin, there are shallow but cool bare soils over jasper.
In the area of Manachiara the soils lay on top of clays and siltstone-marl with calcareous intercalations and sands rich in quartz.
The lands are not very deep but are well-structured with medium inclines and weak erosion.
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